New Landing Page (


1: What challenge are you currently trying to solve?

2: How are you driving traffic to your page?
Organic and reach outs

3: What is your conversion goal?

4: Provide a link to your published landing page / convertable:


Hi Etienne,

Thanks for sharing your page! Here’s a short (private, unlisted) video with some feedback:




You mention validation as a challenge to solve. Are users submitting fake information and you would like to prevent that from happening?

I really liked @Nicholas video, it had some good suggestions for the page. I always end up putting emphasis on design, so I would recommend using background colors in the sections to help distinguish the different areas on the page. I’m picky though…all one color is boring to me. Let’s see some purple in there!


Hi Nicholas,

Wow. Thanks for taking the time to thoroughly review our landing page. Really good advice and suggestions. :slight_smile:

As we’re pre-launch, I think we’ll have a bit of difficulty getting trust logos and more testimonies, but we’ll definitely optimize it for the 5-second test (that’s a great point!).

As suggested, I’ll also make the testimony more visible, clarify the copy and benefit, clarify the unlimited account (it’s indeed lifetime account :slight_smile: ) and the integrations.

Thanks for taking the time. I really appreciate it. :slight_smile:



Yeah. I do like the purple too. It would make sense to use it more. :slight_smile:

For validation, it’s more ‘customer validation’. We’re pre-launch for the product and are trying to make sure we’re building the right thing.

Thank you, I really appreciate the feedback. :slight_smile:



Hi @Nicholas @Kyle.C. We updated our landing page (and launched the product) based on the feedback you provided. Thanks again!


It looks great! Thanks for keeping us updated. Best of luck with the product. I suspect it’ll do very well. Awesome concept.