New Job Section?


Hi. I’ve been in the tech world a long time (30+ years) and have chosen Unbounce as my LP platform for a new SaaS tool for project managers I’m introducing: RoboTasq. While I’ve been able to muddle through the basic features and functionality, I have reached a point of diminishing return (beyond my current capability and interest) and need to pass the work off to an expert. I’ve checked the the large contract sites (Upwork, Guru, etc.) but have not had good luck finding true Unbounce experts.

So my suggestion is to add a section to the community to post “help wanted” jobs directly to members of the Unbounce community.In addition to the Spotlight section, it would also be useful for Unbounce practitioners to have a place to post their availability and offerings.


Awesome plan, and I for one, would like to support that.


Thanks for the positive support Ashwin. I’m hoping Unbounce will jump on this as it seems like it could be a quick (2 week) sprint for a low risk win-win add to the community site.


I love it when you talk sprints and risk/reward ratios, @CrisCasey. You’ll be happy to hear that we’ll be looking to implement something similar to a ‘jobs’ section in the Community early in 2017. We see big value in this, so we’re happy to see some validation for this idea early on. :smile: :ub_logo:


Wow, ask and you shall get, eh? @Justin and @CrisCasey :slight_smile:


Is this job available for everyone? Please let me know. Thanks!


Kartik - Since I made the original post I have trained a couple of resources to use Unbounce, so my immediate crisis is over. However, it can only help Unbounce to provide an easy way to help developers and clients match-up.


We hear you loud and clear Cris! This has been something we’ve been diving into over the past few months, and we’re now realizing that it’s going to take a few more resources to get this off the ground. We’d rather take a bit more time to make it great, rather than rush it and just make it good.

But thanks so much for keeping this discussion going @Kartik and @CrisCasey! It definitely helps our efforts to prove there’s a need for it.


Hi Jess -

Thanks for your kind words.

Given your comment about creating something “great”, I would be remiss if I didn’t pass along this adage which is proven true time and time again: “The ‘best’ is the enemy of the ‘good’”.

As a customer I’m not looking for great, I’m looking for minimally viable at this point. And my guess is developers who have Unbounce in their toolboxes are looking for the same thing. Just enough for folks to start making the connection. There are at least a dozen different well established models to choose from; pick one and go.


Oh, that seems okey! But unfortunately I am not a developer yet. But trying hard.