New job board category! 💪



Hey everyone! A quick update here.

I’ve just created a category that folks can use if they’re looking for some extra muscle on their campaigns. :muscle:

The Job Board category can be used if you’d like to advertise your skills, or if you’re looking to contract some work for your campaigns.

I should mention that the Unbounce team will not be affiliated with any of these contracts, so any projects will need to be handled only by the involved parties.

I hope this is helpful! Enjoy! :smile:



Thanks so much for doing this! We have been hoping to find some talent for our clients and will be using the board for this.


Awesome! Great addition


Fantastic idea! Looking forward to helping out :rocket:


This is great! Alway happy to assist other UB users :smile:


Very good idea! It’s going to be very useful indeed.


This is a great resource. While I’m learning much, I could use some expert help to optimize my pages. Thank you!


Awesome news! It would be great to have a separate category for people who need help.

We’ve helped a lot of folks over the years with custom coding, design and conversion optimization but it wasn’t always easy for these people to reach out for help.


This is awesome! I put together a landing page with our offering - also posted it on the Job Board.

Look forward to helping out :smiley:


Very cool. We look forward to sharing our skills here too.