New Features: Updates to Unbounce Landing Page Editor


Hi Everyone,

I’d like to invite you to “preview” a number of significant changes we have introduced to the Unbounce landing page editor. This preview version is initially being launched on a separate URL so that we can gather any important feedback before releasing it the rest of our customer base. Please read this post carefully, there are few things you should know before using this preview. First let me tell you about the most significant changes.

Drag & Drop

The main change you will notice is a new “drag & drop” user interface which allows you to place page elements by dragging and dropping them into position on the page. The choice of page elements (widgets) is now located on the left hand side of the editor rather than the top tool bar.

Moving Elements Between Page Sections (and boxes)

Once an elements has been placed on the page it can be moved between parent containers (page sections or boxes) by dragging and dropping. A checkered background overlay indicates the element will be “parented” to a new container when you drop it. If you have ever cursed the editor for the inability to move elements between page sections this should come as a welcome change.

Multiple Selection

You can now select multiple elements by holding down the Shift key while clicking. At the moment elements must belong to the same parent container to be included together in a multiple selection.

Page Properties Tab

The page properties now have their own tab so it is no longer necessary to click on the page background to edit page properties. Now you can also click on the tab.

Darker Color Scheme

We have changed to a dark color scheme so that your landing page stands out better within the editor user interface.

There are also a number of other bug fixes and improvements but most importantly there are number of significant behind the scenes changes that will allow us to move forward with new editor features at a faster pace.

Important Things You Should Know Before Using this Preview

Before you use this preview version of the editor there are a few things you should be aware of.

1.) The preview version of the editor accesses the exact same data as the normal version so any changes you make using the preview version are real changes to your data.

2.) Once a landing page variant has been saved using the preview version of the editor it will no longer be openable in the current version of the page editor. This shouldn’t be a problem if all goes well because the current version will quickly become the old version and will no longer be accessible. If you are uncomfortable with this then I would recommend duplicating your pages before you experiment with them in the preview version.

3.) Since this is a preview version there is a possibility that you will experience problems with pages that you edit and save with the preview version of the editor. Again, I recommend duplicating your pages if you are working on anything important.

4.) It is possible (but unlikely) that we will pull the preview off line momentarily for a variety of reasons.

How to See It

The URL for the preview version of the editor is:

Just login as usual. Every aspect of the application other than the editor is the same.

Feedback, Comments and Support

Any questions, feedback or comments on the new editor are more than welcome and can be left below.

Thanks for your patience waiting for these new features, I hope you find them an improvement.



Love the new interface, and moving elements is a breeze. The new features and more options complicate things a little initially, but it soon becomes very intuitive and super easy to use.


Looks great
Is there a way to access stock images from my dashboard?


This is really cool and makes the editor a lot easier to use.

Multiple select is a godsend. That will save loads of time!

Using that background highlighting for moving elements between sections makes it a lot clearer - I had big problems with that before.

One feature request: It would be really helpful to have the ability to use scripts across multiple pages. e.g. have “stock” scripts for my account that I can activate from a check box on the manage scripts page.
Some scripts (adwords tracking, google analytics, snapengage chat) we are using on every page and it is a hassle to have to cut and paste them every time I setup a new landing page.


Hi Tim,

Glas you like the changes. We hear you on the “ability to use scripts across multiple pages” we do plan on implementing this, as well as the ability to re-use any part of a page across multiple pages, such as a form or a page section.



“re-use any part of a page across multiple pages, such as a form or a page section.”

now you’re just teasing me :wink:

This would be really really handy.


Hey Tim - just want to mention that you should jump over on this thread and hit the +1 button at the top so that you can stay informed when we release anything related to that feature, plus it helps us prioritize.



Great update, however I’ve noticed that if you try to set the form label text as white it will still appear black on the live version. Is this just me doing something wrong or is someone else also having this problem?


Hi Oliver,

Thanks for pointing that out. You found a bug. It is fixed now and forms should appear as you would expect.




looooooooooooving the new editor.


Thanks Dan. Glad you like it!