New Features: Infusionsoft Integration, International Phone Number Validation, Transparency Controls


Integrate Your Unbounce Pages & Your Infusionsoft Campaigns

As marketers, we know how important marketing automation is to nurture and close leads. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce our new Infusionsoft integration.

This integration lets you use Unbounce’s pro landing page builder & A/B testing features alongside Infusionsoft’s all-in-one sales and marketing tools to convert more leads and seal more deals.

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Improve Your Lead Quality with Phone Number Validation

We’ve always supported validation for North American phone numbers but if you were one of our many international customers, you’ve probably longed for more. Well, you can now validate phone numbers in generic, North American, UK and Australian phone formats to improve the quality of your leads.

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Build Beautiful-er Pages with Transparent Elements

Helping you build better, beautiful landing pages is always top of the Unbounce list. You can now adjust the transparency on page sections, boxes and buttons using the builder’s new opacity feature to create suave, layered pages without having to leave Unbounce.

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Hey Ryan,

Nice releases!

Love the phone no. validation as this an issue for us dealing with prospects all over the world. I just wonder what the generic validation entails - what’s the set format and would it go for all phone numbers with country code?




Hi May - great to hear from you!

The generic number validation just makes sure that a number is input in this field. It prevents people from submitting email addresses, names or otherwise non-phone number data here so yep, it will work for all phone number with a country code.


I saw the intro video for IS integration mentioned field mapping.

Additional to name, email & telephone number, can address fields be captured as well?

Are there any limits to the data captured?
(i.e can you map any of the fields that have been setup in an IS form)

I’d also like to explore the possibility of a 2 step process…

i.e name and email in 1st step

and then physical address in step 2.



With the infusionsoft integration, I have one small problem I wanted to see if you guys would entertain fixing. The unbounce integration with infusion allows me to pick a tag I want applied when the form is submitted. This is awesome and the best way to do it. My problem is that when after I select my infusionsoft tag and submit the integration, I can’t see which tag I picked any longer!

So here is my request:
Option A: just somehow make it so that the tag I picked will always be visible.
Option B: add the ability to just ad a quick note somewhere so I can free-type a note to myself.

I’m guessing that anyone using the infusionsoft integration would really appreciate having some level of visibility of the tag selected for that form.


Hey Katee! 

Thank you for the suggestion, feedback like this really helps us in the long run when deciding which improvements to make and when. 

Being able to view and/or edit the tag setup during the Infusionsoft integration is on our radar. We are currently in the process of improving our lead based integration service which will enable us to make improvements like this in the future.

Today you are able to identify which tag has been setup for your page level integration by viewing the leads for that page, although this is not ideal I hope it can help in the meantime while we work toward implementing improvements for our existing Infusionsoft integration. 

With that being said, if anyone else has input on ways we can make our Infusionsoft integration better, let us know by submitting a new ‘idea’ in the Community. We love to hear feedback!

Thank you,