New Feature: Tidy HTML!


Hey everyone, just wanted to announce one more small labs feature: Tidy HTML! If you find yourself cutting and pasting HTML into your pages on a regular basis, you might consider turning this feature on. When enabled, we’ll run your pages through an HTML tidier during publishing which will clean up any invalid markup it finds on your pages. If you happen to run into any issues, just disable the feature and re-publish the affected page. Simple!

You’ll find the controls for this in your Account section, under the Unbounce Labs tab.

Give it a try, and let us know what you think!


Magic. love it.


Whoa, you tried it out *already*?!? That’s awesome. I thought it would take *days* before anyone dug into it. Thanks!


I tried Tidy HTML and discovered that it disabled the social plugins for adding the Facebook “Like” widget and the corresponding Google + widget. Twitter was unaffected.


Yeah, haven’t tested this myself, but I’m assuming it’s because by default Facebook and Google use custom namespaces for their elements (“fb:like” and “g:plusone”), and you’d have to provide the appropriate namespace declarations in the header for those to be valid. I just checked, and both Facebook and Google provide HTML5-compliant methods of embedding their tags:……

Will try and test these out myself as well!


Knew I should have tried this myself *before* saying anything, sorry.

Even the “HTML5-compliant” method will fail, as we output our pages as XHTML 1.0 Transitional, and we don’t currently have a way to specify custom namespaces.

So, the Facebook Like button works with the iframe version. Twitter’s button just plain works (wish Google and Facebook would follow their lead!). Google’s won’t work quite yet. I’ll have to dig in and see what we can do…