New Feature: Publish Unbounce Pages to WordPress (Beta)


You asked for it, we built it.

One of the most requested features we’ve ever been asked to build is a direct integration with WordPress. Well folks, after months of research, development and testing, I’m excited to tell you that we’ve now released Publishing Pages to WordPress into Labs! 

This means that you can give this feature a whirl and start publishing your Unbounce-built landing pages to your WordPress domain right now. Available to anyone on a paid plan. 

Here is a quick video of how to switch the feature on in labs .

This is a Beta version which will allow you to:

Just keep in mind that you might encounter bugs and there may still be upcoming changes to the feature or the interface. Before you get started, I’d recommend that you have a look at the list of known Issues (we’ll do our very best to keep you informed of any bugs or changes as they are made).

Our Beta version has been tested and will be supported on WordPress Versions, 4.0, 4.1, 4.2, and 4.3 and we will continue to test and support new versions as they become available.

Last but not least, we LOVE feedback and would really appreciate your thoughts on this new feature. As with questions, just email our support team at to have your say pre-release.

Now, let’s celebrate with the WordPress Boogie. :slight_smile:


this is awesome - love that we can finally integrate with existing site. Should be helpful for creating SEO pages and for tracking campaigns on the root URL. 

FYI - just installed to test out, and there’s some major interference with CSS. Can send a screenshot if needed.

Looking forward to using this once all the bugs are worked out!


Hi Stephen, 

Thanks so much for your feedback and jumping in to test it out. A screenshot would be awesome! 



We have just officially released a  Wordpress Integration  which you can start using today! Check out the announcement and install the plugin to get started. As always, we love to hear actionable feedback - so be sure to let us know what you think!


What I would most love if you guys take it a step further and have a standalone pagebuilder as how visual composer is. I believe as your Landing page now is, it is much better than Visual Composer, I think you would rule this space. Adding it to codecanyon would be a real game changer.


:ub_logo: Official Update from Unbounce

We’ve had overwhelming support from the Community about a wordpress integration, so I’m happy to announce that this feature has been officially released to the public! Learn more about the Unbounce + Wordpress Integration here. Also, we currently have over 125 WordPress-ready templates. See how easy it is to create Wordpress landing pages!


Great release! :raised_hands: This will make a lot of people happy!


Hey guys!

Just a quick heads up – I noticed that in the How the Unbounce + WordPress landing page plugin works section on your landing page, the 3 images don’t appear to match the text beneath them.

It lead me to read that section over several times though (to make sure I wasn’t going crazy), so maybe that’s actually a crafty marketing tactic at play. :wink:

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