New Feature: Mobile Templates


You can see some of our new mobile templates here: (check em out on your phone!)…………

Enabling the templates
To get the templates to show up in your template chooser, access the Unbounce dashboard and click [Account] > [Unbounce Labs] to go to the Labs section of your Account where you can enable the feature. You’ll then see them appear at the end of the list of templates when you create a new landing page.

Want to automatically send mobile visitors to your mobile page?
We have a script that you can add to your page to redirect mobile visitors to the mobile version of your landing page: New mobile redirection script

As always, let us know your thoughts and if you have any ideas for other mobile templates you’d like to see, in the comments.

Unbounce for Mobile landing pages?
New mobile redirection script
I made one page for mobile and one for web, how do I send users to the mobile when on mobile, and web when on web?

Good stuff! I’m looking forward to this. Cheers!


this doesn’t work as an FYI and your support doesn’t know about this feature let alone support it… which is pretty frustrating…

assume this scenario:

  • I have 1 project with 3 pages
  • Champion with 50% traffic and mobile redirect script
  • Variant with 50% traffic
  • Mobile Page with no traffic

I use custom subdomains to in my example my site looks like this

2 issues

  1. why would you need to give traffic % ot the mobile page and if you do what % makes sense? The way I see if if Champion has 50% of traffic and contains the mobile redirect script it should trigger the mobile page every time a mobile client is dected
  2. the URL of the mobile page when you use subdomains doesn’t work i.e. and obviously in your example code you show so which is the correct structure?



We are looking to enable this as well. We are beginning our first campaign shortly. Is this something we should stay away from? Please advise. We go live in a few days. Thanks!


Hello William - you can enable to templates and they should work well. They’re still in beta as we iron out some display issues with certain mobile devices. Nonetheless, it might be prudent to test your page on multiple devices to be sure it displays as you like and if not, make tweaks as necessary.

Hope that helps to clarify things


Actually this seems to be working for us. We set up a NEW landing page that was the mobile page. Added the code to the standard pages and it redirects just fine from iPad and BB. The only problem we are having now is that we can’t get any of our submissions from ANY pages to post to LoopFuse our marketing automation system. *SIGH*


Sooo…have the above-mentioned issues been resolved yet? We really don’t have the programming resources to spend hours debugging issues like that - but want to appeal to our community with mobile-friendly landing pages…


Not yet Michelle. We are planning a mobile initiative in the future which will include addressing this. In the time being - what you can do is adjust the script mentioned at the top of the page and remove any devices accept the iPhone - that way at least some people will get a good mobile experience (as it works well on iPhones) - and the others will get your regular full size page.

Hopefully that’s a somewhat useful workaround.


Hi Steve - I’m sorry for the confusion

The explanation here requires some understanding of how our infrastructure works in regards to pages and variants. You can direct traffic to a page (which can contain one or more variants) but you cannot direct traffic to a specific variant within a page. The selection of variants is random.

In your case, I understand why you’d want your mobile variant to be part of the same page and but unfortunately this isn’t possible with our current set up. But there is a workaround.

Keep your original page but limit your variants to:

  • The Champion (and mobile redirect script) at 50% and
  • Challenger variants at 50%.

Then, create and publish a second, mobile specific landing page. This page will have its own URL.

You can then configure your redirect script to forward visitors on mobile devices to the mobile specific page.

I know this isn’t ideal and it doesn’t keep your stats in one place but it will help you get the data you need.

We’ll keep use cases like this in mind when we begin our mobile initiative and would appreciate any other feedback you might have.


How’s the mobile site setup working? I’d love to use your system but mobile variants will be critical for me as I expect the bulk of my traffic to be via mobile devices. Ideally it would be 1 page that gracefully regrades, rather than two separate pages, but I’ll cope with either.


I created the following page using the mobile template but it doesn’t render it properly on my samsung? It assumes it is a full screen version. Is there a setting I need to change within the edit form?…


Hi Martin,

I took a quick look and it seems that you are missing the following line.

In your scripts insert the above snippet and republish. That should do the trick.

Let me know if after doing so you are still having problems.



Oops, the code snippet didn’t add. Here it is.

<meta name="viewport"> content="width=device-width; initial-scale=1.0; maximum-scale=1.0; user-scalable=0;"/\>   


Great, it works!


I’m baffled why the IPAD is included in the script. While I agree the IPAD is mobile, the templates provided for mobile devices are designed for small screens. The IPAD handles full size webpages very well, so why would I want to look at the very narrow sliver of content.

As well, would it not be better in future to start designing responsive website templates that adjust to the different devices. I support that might mean creating a whole new WYSIWYG interface, but I think we’ve headed in that direction.



Hi Mark - good observation on iPad. The redirect script can be modified so that iPad users aren’t redirected .

I’m a big fan of responsive sites and completely understand why you’d want your pages to be responsive but for now, it’s not something we’ve got in the works. I can let you know that we’ll soon be addressing mobile in other ways so keep your eyes peeled.


For the record, I’ve just now edited the original script in Oli’s post to exclude ‘ipad’ from the list. Thanks Mark!


We are trying to use this code to redirect to a mobile friendly version, but it just keeps reloading… never rendering the page. Any thoughts?


Hi Mike - it sounds like the redirect script might be redirecting to the original page (and therefore getting stuck in a loop). Could you send the URL for the page in question to so we can have a look?


Is anyone else having troubles with form confirmation boxes? Ours are popping up at the incorrect size, despite our page being set up for mobile.