New Feature: Field Mapping!


We’re excited to announce Field Mapping as our latest Unbounce Labs feature!

What is field mapping? In short, you can now send arbitrary form fields to your MailChimp or WebHook integrations.

For more details please read our field mapping support article. We also have support articles for more advanced usage, including configuring custom fields and adding integration fields.

We hope this feature makes integrating with MailChimp and WebHooks much more natural for you!

Upcoming changes:

  • Allow specifying “hidden” and “required” attributes for MailChimp fields when creating them from Unbounce.

  • Show what value the field will be reverted to for the “revert to default” option in the dropdown menu.

  • Fix inconsistencies with disabled dropdown selections when adding new custom fields and then adding new integration fields.


Hi everyone!

We noticed severely long load times when transitioning to the Field Mapping configuration page if you had a lot of page variants.
With yesterday’s deploy we were able to significantly reduce that load time.



Is there a way for me to see the post that is being made to the URL that I enter in?


Hi Daniel, assuming you’re using the Webhook integration, try creating a URL at and then using that as your Webhook URL. RequestBin will show you all of the post params and let you see what’s being passed through.


Thanks, that worked great. A little confused as to why I’m mapping a field, and it sends this field correctly, but also sends the original field name and value?