New Feature: Campaign Monitor Integration


Hey everyone, we’re thrilled to announce our newest integration: Campaign Monitor! Campaign Monitor is a comprehensive email management system that not only lets you manage leads, send emails and create drip campaigns, it even lets you rebrand the interface, create sub-accounts for your clients and let them send their own campaigns.

The integration is super-easy to configure and supports full field mapping. You can watch the video or read full instructions for how to integrate Unbounce with Campaign Monitor in Unbounce Answers.


Wonderful news! Campaign Monitor is a great platform.


I have a ticket open on this topic (#18750) but figured I’d post in case anyone is searching. The field mapping for “Name” is not working correctly. You can’t assign it to the built in “Name” field in Campaign Monitor. The entry comes though anyway but mangled in this format – “Ketan [“Vakil”]”.

The proposed short term fix of creating a custom field is not ideal… then you can’t use Dear “First Name” and such as that level of parsing is not available in custom fields. Please update when this bug is fixed. Thanks!


Hi Ketan - thanks so much for posting this. We’ve released a fix so mapping to Campaign Monitor’s “Name” field will now work as expected but let us know if you run into any challenges.


Thanks for the update Ryan! So you can map to “first name” and “last name” now… but not the default “full name” field, which is their out of the box behavior to allow for one field to collect a full name. Pinged you back on it via email too. Thanks!


Is there a fix for infusionsoft as well? I need to split Fullname into firstname and lastname before or on its way to infusionsoft. I’m really hoping there’s and answer


Hi @nwcooper2004,

You can have a script that would take the Full Name field and split it into two hidden fields - First Name & Last Name.

However, there is no way to know if the information entered into the Full Name field would be split correctly.

Example: What if your leads enter one of the following for Full Name:

  • John D
  • John
  • J Doe
  • J D
  • John Alexander Doe

You’ll end up with inconsistencies since the script can distinguish between these and would just split them in the middle.