New custom domain not working -- using CloudFlare for DNS management


Hi, I tried to set up a custom domain for I added a CNAME aliasing to The A record still points to our regular host, bluehost.

After adding the custom url into unbounce…it still resolves to bluehost…? I am using Cloudflare to manage my DNS not bluehost…


I just tried to remove the A name records…not sure if that will work and just leave CNAME…


Hey Tim, yes this should do the trick. If you have both an A record and a CNAME record, the A record will take priority. You should only have the CNAME record (which is why you shouldn’t use Unbounce for a domain that already has a website, and you should instead use a subdomain if that’s the case.)

If things still aren’t working, just fire an email to support and we’ll help you out.