New Adwords Conversion Tracking


Hi guys, hoping you might be able to help with getting my Adwords conversion tracking working.
I spoke to an Unbounce CS person and they talked me through implementing it, showed me that the tag was firing and yet nothing is showing in my Adwords account.
Yesterday i spoke to a Google implementation specialist who talked me through it again. I’ve had two conversions from Adwords overnight and yet nothing is showing is Adwords.
This used to be really straightforward to do but with the launch of the new Google Ads it seems to be stupidly complicated.
Any ideas?


Hello @sholmes !

I’ve recently added a google ads tracking pixel onto one of my landing pages and it’s working fine.
Don’t forget that you have to add :

  • the global tag on every page of your site, in this case on the LP and the confirmation page (always on the “head”
  • the confirmation pixel on the confirmation page. (head)

Also if you use Chrome, there is an official extension that will help you test if the pixel / tag are correctly installed. You can download it here.

Hope this help