New 5-color button set for Unbounce templates


Hi everyone,

In response to requests for a wider array of buttons for the templates, I’ve created the following.

(Note: we’re going to put a permanent solution into the app as soon as we can.)

For now, there are 5 new colors of the current button sizes (plus a bigger fatter one too).

Orange (default)

Photoshop PSDs of all images are included.
Individually chopped up images of all buttons are included ready for you to upload into Unbounce.

To upload an image, add an image using the “Image” button in the toolbar and click the upload button.…

Any designers out there - please feel free to bend and break the PSDs to create some better buttons to submit of you’d like to - I’m sure the community would love it.


How do you download these buttons and the associated psd file? Thank you!


Hi Jennifer,
There is a link just above the image that will download them for you.


Awesome! Thank you–and also thank you for the prompt reply! I saw that URL but I mistakenly thought it was the URL to follow if you wanted to upload images to the community. I had clicked on the button image thinking that was what I needed to do. :slight_smile:


Hi Oli,

It would be great if these buttons where available in Button -> Appearance -> “Choose Image” pop-up. There is already a tab for “Images” (that I have to upload). Could you add a tab for these buttons called “Buttons” ???




Hi Fraser,
We’ve actually just about to get started on a real solution to creating buttons inside the editor - so images like this will hopefully not be required for much longer.

We do also have plans for better asset management which would include images like buttons, arrows, bullets etc.

Thanks for your patience. The great news is we just a hired a new developer so things will start to move faster.


Any updates on that on?


Yep, the development is done, we’re just now in the testing phase of the new button features. They are tied in with quite a few other big improvements though, which is why we can’t just release it tomorrow. The next 6 weeks will see a number of big releases though, so stay tuned - it will be in one of them!


Is there a page containing Unbounce graphics I can use across all pages? Like a gallery of these buttons and so on?

Thanks bunch, <3 the product!


Hi Andrea - not just yet. The development for a shared assets library is completed but as Carter mentions above, it is not is the testing phase. This feature is tied to a number of other great improvements that are coming so stay tuned.