Nested groups


Hi Unbounce,

Please can we get nested groups? We are expanding our use of unbounce above and beyond just PPC and I need to setup groups/sub-groups depending on the channel for example…

PPC - Product 1
PPC - Product 2
PPC - Product 3

Organic - Product 1
Organic - Product 2
Organic - Product 3

Social - Product 1
Social - Product 2
Social - Product 3

etc etc etc.

Yes we can url parameters and pass them through to easily identify the lead source but realistically we actually want different content per channel and with nested groups it would be easier to make sure we are well organised.

I’ve seen a couple of requests for something similar but not quite the same so I wanted to open a new thread with the specifics of exactly what I was after and why.




Hi Stuart,

Nested groups is actually in the works. We’re thinking of replacing groups with folders and allow nesting up to a certain level.

On that note, we’ll be conducting user testing for nested folders really soon and if you’re interested, we can have you on the list. :slight_smile:




Hi Topp,

That’s fantastic news and thanks for the swift reply. I’d love to be in the user testing please that would be awesome!

Thanks again, have a great weekend :slight_smile:




Cool! We’ll reach out to you soon. Enjoy the weekend as well.




Can I get on the list to test the nested groups? 



For sure! Please send me an email at and we’ll get back to you about the test. :slight_smile: