Need to capture data on the Thankyou Page (not confirmation dialog)


Hi all! I have a 2 step form plus a Thank You page (not the confirmation dialog). Upon submitting step 2, I post the lead data to a server. It does some lead scrubbing quality checks and redirects to the Thank You page with a response string that includes the lead data plus a status value that either says the lead is Good or Invalid.

I need to capture and save that status as part of the lead data.

I could put an invisible form on the Thank You page that captures all that data, but how can that data be saved by Unbounce? A form submit is typically required to do that. If I use code to trigger a submit on that invisible form, that might save the data, but could I do that while keeping the user on the Thank You page? If so, what code would be needed. I’m not a developer, so could really use some help.

Thanks in advance!