Need some feedback on my landing page design and messaging!


Hi! I have a landing page & am getting several hits per day, but so far, no conversions. Please  share your thoughts on your impressions.  Thanks in advance!


Bottom half good, top half bad.

Like if you just read above the fold, it’s not very clear what your service is or what the page is for.

Presumably it’s about saving money when buying a house, but then there is mention of a “Passport” program, and a holiday image at the bottom…

You’re almost there with it, just try and think how you can make the service offered clearer. People are only going to stay on for a few secounds, if after that they don’t know what the page is offering, they will go.

Just needs a bit more work.


Here are my opinions.  

  • Make your logo larger, that is the visual you want your clients to remember.
  • Move the CTA down after they have had a chance to get the “hook”
  • Make the graphic of the house a real house not an icon.
  • Your copywriting could use a once over, remember people scan first then if they get interested they will read for more information.
  • The photos midway are fantastic.
  • Make sure that your phone numbers are hot on the mobile version so that once someone reads this they can just click on your phone to contact you.
    Hope that helps,


Hey Kevin!

The top half did feel a little bit cold. Consider making the hero panel (the section that people see first) a little more human-like.

Have a look at this great guide for attention-driven design

Best of luck!

Stefano Apostolakos