Need help to prevent duplicate form submissions?

Hi all,

We have a series of landing pages that offer a form gated tool, however we frequently get duplicate form submissions with the same form info and would like to find a way to prevent duplicate info from being submitted. Does anyone know of any up to date scripts that can do this?

I do know there used to be a script that floated around the community that recognized the presence of Unbounce’s tracking cookie and then blocked the submission from going through. But I cannot seem to find this thread any longer.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

This might be what you were looking for…

I have no idea whether it works or not, I just searched and found it to help out :slight_smile:

I experience this for a while too. Republishing the pages did the trick for me. I think there was one update to Unbounce that caused this at some point.

Do you recommend that I manually set a cookie? Preventing dupe signups is not a feature of unbounce platform. I am on the 99 bucks a month plan.

I have not seen the need for that on my accounts.