Need help simplifying my local lead generation idea

Trying to make this as simple as I can.

I’ve had some success getting calls through ads I place on local listings and forwarding the leads to a contractor. I wanted to implement a few changes and include a call whisper service so I can just forward the lead to the contractor I’m working with at the time. Keep in mind I’ve been doing the receptionist work so this would be like a big step in automation for me.

I know I probably sound like a dinosaur to all you seasoned marketing connoisseurs.

Also I was floating the idea of structuring a website without mentioning the contractors name, just the general trade I promote, just in case we go separate ways at any point I can just direct the leads to another contractor. Perhaps a landing page alone will do the trick without the need to create a website? This is basically what I do on the online local listings in my city and I include some attractive copywriting to the ad so I can make them stand out from the rest.

For example I would advertise flooring…Say hello to that new floor your wife has been wanting… bla bla bla the copy body and I put my number. Get the calls, get the info and forward the info to my contractor so he can get in touch with the prospect.

I would like to replace this with a site or landing page that talks about flooring (not sure if I require both for this, I’m new to this) but without giving free advertising to the contractor. For example, I would develop and talk about flooring and point this site out to my call whisper number, which in turn I would connect to my contractor so I can track the leads and save myself the secretary work.

If something happens with the current contractor I use, I would just find another flooring contractor and send him the leads. I’m just trying to make this simple. I do ok with local online listings, but the receptionist work cuts into my 8 to 5 and I have to get creative at work to manage this calls. I’m trying to automate this a bit and perhaps eventually make a full jump into it.

This online automation stuff is new for me, which is why I reached out on this forum to ask. Thank you for your time and attention.


Hi there! You’re asking all the right questions :slight_smile: don’t ever hesitate to ask away in this community, we’re all here to help each other. From what I’ve read, I see two main questions;

1. Should you create a landing page versus a website:
I believe a landing page would be the way to go for multiple reasons;

  • It allows you to put something up cheaply/quickly/easily in order to validate your new structure.
  • You can create multiple pages with slight differences in copy/design in order to adapt your sales pitch to the different channels you’re advertising on (a website is static and will look the same for everyone who lands there).
  • Thanks to your duplicate pages you will be able to easily know where the leads you’re generating are coming from (make sure each page has a dedicated phone number).

2. How can you automate the calls and still get credit for the leads:

  • You can use a platform like Callrail. Each platform you advertise on (or each campaign) would have its own dedicated forwarding number so you can establish what’s working best.
  • In Callrail, you can setup call recording in order to track lead outcome.
  • You can also add a whisper message that plays when your client picks up, allowing them to know that it’s a lead.
  • You can create call flows, allowing you to forward the calls to multiple numbers at once, or on rotation.

Hope this helped!


Hey Jonathan thank you for taking the time to elaborate. It helps massively. I appreciate the collaboration.

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Hi, do you think WhatsApp can be helpful for your business?
Maybe can be useful for your project to add WhatsApp and capture more leads with a system that can be 80% automated. Using WhatsApp Business + WhatsApp Widget for Unbounce.

Here you can check how to integrate WhatsApp with Unbounce.

We can help you with more info and how to setup.

This sounds very interesting; I had no idea it even existed. I believe it could be useful as long as I can connect WhatsApp business to a call whisper/ call tracking number to start off.

I would maintain this system as long as I have a business relationship with the contractor and if we part separate ways then I could just route the number to the new contractor.

Is this doable? I’m new to this. Thanks everybody for the ideas.

Hi, what we can do for you is the following:

  • You add the WhatsApp widget / form.
  • You collect all the incoming messages.
  • You send automatically the lead to the contractor.
    It is true that you will keep a copy of the lead and the contractor will keep another copy.
    I think it is important to define the T&C so it is clear who owns the client.

We can talk this week if you want to make a test.

I’m very interested in this idea. What do I need to have set up by the time I speak to you? Landing page? Call rail number? Let me know please.

Hi, you can send me a WhatsApp here and we can talk >

I am César from Spain.
Thank you