Need help resolving Javascript conflicts

Hi there,

I have a pseudo-shopify image gallery coded into a page I’ve been using. It allows for zoom and moving from image to image. It worked great on this variant:

However, when I also added some code to allow for different destination URLs based on the radio button selected, the zoom code broke:

I know enough javascript to be dangerous, but not enough to figure out how I broke this.

Can any of you help me out? @Hristian?

Thanks in advance!!

This is embarrassing, but it turns out that i had loaded an older jquery version with the most recent page (no idea how I managed to do that!). Updating the jquery solved the problem :roll_eyes:

Hey @kirstihegg, do you still have the source of that code your using? The Image Gallery looks really nice, thats exactly what i´m trying to do but failing currently. You would really help a girl out :wink:

Thanks in advance for your answer :slight_smile: