Need help creating "Text me the app" function

I’m looking to add “Text Me the App” functionality from a website (example) as an iFrame (using the custom HTML functionality) in an Unbounce landing page.

I looked into the existing source code of the above page and pulled out the form and placed it in the custom HTML, in addition to adding the javascript script and CSS code in each of their respective files in Unbounce. The iframe rendered, but when one clicks “Send Text” it returns an error “The requested URL was not found on this server.”

I’m curious whether someone with more familiarity of Unbounce’s environment may have some insight for me in terms of what I’m doing wrong. Thanks!

Hey @Jv23,

It’s a bit hard to troubleshoot an issue if we can’t see the actual page.

Most probably you are running into issues because the form is trying to POST to action="/wonoloers/send_app_link" which doesn’t exist on your Unbounce sub-domain.


@Hristian Thanks for getting in touch! Here’s the link to the landing page I’m working on.

If that is in fact the issue, then if I had the link used by our dev team for that action, could it be assumed that if I inserted said link or file there instead that it might work? I’m not a web dev, so trying to figure this out as I go.


Hey Justin,

That’s where I would start because right now, your form is trying to reach which is what I thought it was trying to do from your initial post.

Check with your dev team and adjust accordingly the POST URL.