Need guidence on direct integration with unbounce


Hi Team,

We have integrated unbounce with our application using webhooks, instead we wanted our application to be a product partner with unbounce. we have submitted a form for being a product partner. we have got response from the unbounce team and they have provided the link to api and this link talks about getting details of landing pages.

But we would like to have a direct integration something similar to “HubSpot”( please let us know the procedure to be followed to make our application integrated with unbounce as a product partner.

Ramya Nuvvula


Hi Ramya!

I’ve sent you a message :relaxed:



Hello Jess,
Our Application “Marketing Manger” is an intelligent Marketing tool with features like:

  1. Lead Identification: Unveils the identities of your website visitors and discover what content interests them.
  2. Business Intelligence: Identifies the lead’s circle of influence and other decision makers at their organization.
  3. Campaign Integration: Integrate your Email & Landing Page Campaigns and analyse the response.
  4. Marketing CRM: A powerful CRM to manage client and prospect communications.
  5. Lead Scoring: Ranks prospects based on target behaviors that are most indicative of purchase intent.
  6. Competitive Insights: Learn more about competition by measuring their web traffic and social media followers.

Here is the documentation link provides information about how we are integrating our application with Unbounce using webhook.(

Using above approach, we were able to capture all form submissions in to Marketing Manager. But it involves many manual steps and we would like to eliminate those manual steps with this new integration.

Ramya Nuvvula