Need feedback please! urgent! - law firm landing page

1: What challenge are you currently trying to solve?
MORE CALLS/ FORM SUBMISSIONS. I want to figure out if there is a better way I can lay out the page or some call to action words to induce people to make a call or fill the form out? Right now the conversion rate is about 3%. And at 5 bucks a call, a call equates to $150. I am looking to dramatically reduce this cost. Thanks!

2: How are you driving traffic to your page?


3: What is your conversion goal?


4: Paste a link to your published landing page / popup: :point_down:

Hello MBakovic!

This is Pablo, marketing strategist here at Unbounce. Thanks for sharing your LP here.
I saw your landing page and I wanted to give you some feedback to see if you can get that CR to go up!


  • List item Keep the typefaces and the sizes consistent across the landing page. Meaning: pick one or two typefaces. If two, use one for the titles and another for paragraphs and body text. You’re kinda good there, but I’d try to keep consistency also with the SIZE and the spacing between lines. Try Line Height = +3px of letter size.

  • List item CTAs! This is our maxima: ONE LANDING PAGE = ONE OBJECTIVE. And you have two! It’s not clear if you’re trying people to call you or send your info. My suggestion: hide the “CALL” button from the desktop version and focus the message on people filling the form.

  • List item Around the form CTA: what’s gonna happen next? I don’t know! I submit my info and then…what? You call me back? You send me a message? Make it clear to your audience what’s going to happen next. This “continuation” effect reduces the skepticism people have when landing on webpages.

  • List item Photos. Why the guys on the above the fold section are so smiley whereas the other two folks below the fold are so serious? I’d use 2 of the 4 men above the fold, and the 2 others below the fold.

And I’d recommend you to run your page through the Landing Page Analyzer and get some more “machine” feedback.

Give those a try and let’s keep this convo going.



Awesome! These are all great tips that I will use! Thank you very much!


Hi! Looks like Pablo shared some awesome feedback. I totally agree with those points.

Here’s a video with some more thoughts on the page:

All the best,

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Hi MBakovic - In addition to looking at your design/layout (agree 100% with PabloP’s comments), you may also want to consider taking a broader look at messaging and motivations behind the clicks. The two headlines I’ve been fed have been about “compassion” and “winning more money.” While those may be consideration factors in someone’s ultimate decision, are those the factors that drive someone who just clicked on a PPC ad to complete a form? I’d explore factors like:

  1. Expected payout (e.g. our average settlement is $X)
  2. Confidence in prevailing (e.g. bring forward your successful verdict number, or talk about your success rate)
  3. Or are they earlier in their buying process and simply want to know a range of compensation they could expect for their injury which would focus the messaging around an “honest assessment” or “knowing your rights after an injury” or “being smart about your rights to compensation” or something simply about “learn the value of settlements for your injury in the Location A area”.

Food for thought