Need feedback on first landing page please!


I am driving adwords traffic to my landing page with the objective of inbound calls or form fills. My page is converting at less than 1%. Can someone give me feedback on the page? What conversion should I expect and what would you change to increase conversion?


Hi Laurence, hope all is well. I think your page has potential, but just wanted to give you one quick advice to get you started. Change your headline to clearly explain what it is that you are offering, and why they should choose your service.

Perhaps something like this: Save time with our virtual receptionist. It can be wise to use the headline to explain what “problem” you are solving for your potential customer.

Your headline should be the first they see so I would makeit stand out more from the rest too. Hope this helps.


Thank you very much. I appreciate your feedback. I’ll work on something different for the headline.


Hi Laurence. 

I see a lot of opportunities to improve your landing page. 

Here are some of my thoughts:

  1. You mentioned your conversion objective was for people to a) call you and b) fill out the form

I think you should have your landing page 100% laser focused on 1 single objective - either form fills or phone calls… not both at the same time. This is something that you could easily A/B test and see which one produces better results. 

Also I don’t see any forms to fill… Are you referring to your “View Plans” button? Because when I click on “View Plans” it simply reloads the page at this URL

  1. You sell a virtual receptionist service right? … Well if you’re conversion goal is phone call, then why don’t you put in a call-to-action  “Call us now and experience one of our virtual receptionists today” or something like that

Your CTA in your nav bar is really not enticing “Click to Call today”. I’m thinking. Who are you? And why am I calling you. You haven’t sold me anything yet or given me a reason to call. 

Calling is a very personal and demanding task. I’m only going to call you if I’m highly motivated. That’s why you need to give me a really good reason to call. 

  1. You got some great benefits outlined BELOW the fold. I would maybe think about switching up the position of the Benefits with the How It Works.

  2. From your How it Works section it sound like you’re offering a Free Trial. But the way you’ve broken it down doesn’t convince me that’s what I’m getting.

You should have something that tells me “Risk Free, No Obligation, No Credit Card Required, Limited Time, 7-Day, Absolutely no questions asked… TRIAL” (I went a bit overboard but you get the idea) 

I would also think about changing your CTA from View Plans to something that promotes them trying your service for free. 

It’s a puppy dog sell. They try it, no risks. And if they don’t like it, they give it back. Classic and works like a charm. 

  1. The overall design is good. But I think the header could use some work. The font sizes and colors could pop a little more. I feel like there isn’t enough contrast and the text blends too much with the background color.

Hope this was helpful for you. If you have any more questions, don’t hesitate to ask. 



Laurence, can you tell us what your ad looks like that brings people to the form in the first place?


By the way, there is no form on the page. Just the call to action to view the pricing. I’d opt for getting them to the pricing page after I’ve at least got an email address.


Thank you for the detailed feedback. 


The adword copy reads: Dependable Virtual Receptionists. Call now to start your free trial.