Need expert help aligning text and elements inside custom html


I need some technical help aligning some elements on a LP - Please check the demo version at

I’m not a developer so I cobbled together and copy pasted code examples to get the look and functionality close to what I want. A lot of trial and error involved, of course.

Because the code is cobbled together from different sources, not everything works perfectly well together.

I’m stumped with the a couple of issues. See and

How do I get the accordion title text to have a margin or padding on the right and also get that + sign to align in the vertical center. Again, not a developer but I tried all sorts of combinations of div, span, p tags, tried editing the css, etc. but couldn’t get it to work. It seems like I’m missing something simple.

I would really appreciate some help from some of the experts here. Thanks!

Hey @Sidney_Kanodia1

I see the issue. The amount of text in those paragraphs makes the :heavy_plus_sign: look out of place. So honestly, without trying to mess with the html/css I suggest just adding a line-break before the last word in those few blocks.