Need Adwords Tracking Help


I’m looking for someone to help with conversion tracking setup on my unbounce landing pages.

When the contact form is submitted on the landing page or someone calls the callrail tracking number from the landing page I’d like to have the conversion show up in my adwords dashboard and have it tied to which keyword caused the conversion.

If you know how to do this please reach out.



Hi there!

Happy to help you with this. We’re a Google Premier Partner!

This should be a fairly easy set up, no need to hire us. Happy to help out totally free of charge :slight_smile:

A few questions for you.

How many campaigns are you running?

Do each of these campaigns have a dedicated landing page?

Are you using Google Analytics?

Are you using a keyword pool with CallRail?


Hey Stefano,
Appreciate you replying and helping out. At the moment only have 3 campaigns running.
They each have their own landing page, not using google analytics on them, and not using a keyword pool with callrail.


I can help.

The best way to do this is to have Google analytics and Google Tag Manager.

Make sure to configure your callrail number to pass down the conversions to Analytics. Then you can import analytics conversions to AdWords.

For the forms you can make this a goal in google analytics and again, import the conversion goal into adwords.

Let me know if this helps


Hi there!

Firstly, you’ll want to get Google Analytics on your landing pages. I’ve responded to a similar question right here. Just follow the simple steps! You’ll then want to link your Google Ads & Google Analytics together, which will then allow you to import conversions from your unbounce forms directly into Google Ads.

In regards to CallRail, you’ll want to use their keyword level tracking along with their Google Ads integration. You can follow their documentation right here. Alternatively, you can use their Google Analytics integration but it may not be as accurate.

Let me know if this gets you on the right path!