Need a little help for a rookie


What is the trick when you build the mobile version of the page without affecting the disposition of the desktop version? If I set up the right disposition of the mobile version the desktop gets all screwed up and something if I do the inverse . Please help. Is there anyone in the community that would give em a live crash course by phone if I would include a service fee in exchange?


this is the link, works great on desktop but not on mobile…


this is great sir, it works perfectly!


Hi Alex - no need to pay anyone, we’re happy to help out via phone anytime between 8am ET - 9pm ET. Just give us a shout on a weekday between those times at 1-888-515-9161 and someone from our team will be happy to help you out.

You will find that desktop elements move if you move mobile elements between page sections, but you can stop this from happening by holding cmmd/ctrl as you move each element. We have a document that goes through that, how to resize different elements and a few more helpful tips here. But again, feel free to give us a call tomorrow and we’ll get you on your way. I’m actually about to catch a flight or I’d offer to hop on Skype right now.