Need a developer to help create Unbounce landing pages


I would like to create several landing pages for Keaton Row ( via Unbounce.  The page would be modeled after the Keaton Row homepage, but we would include name and email address form within the hero unit, and funnel these emails into a Mailchimp list so we could re-market to these users.

Please let me know if you can help us with the project.  I can be contacted at:

Thank you,
Ha Nguyen
Chief Product Officer 
Keaton Row


Have you looked on or (formerly odesk)? There are some freelancers with Unbounce experience listed on those sites although I’ve never used them.

I have another designer that might be able to help you. I’ll pass along your info and have her get in touch at the email address above if it’s a good fit.


Hi Ha,

I might be able to support you with this work. I’ll drop you an email now.

Kind Regards,

Dan Jones


Hi guys - I am also looking for development support creating unbounce pages and linking them to our software platform via webhook API.

We would also be keen to utilise the WP plugin option so we can control the thanks page design a little more

We may need custom scripts on the page such as jquery UK postcode lookup, jquery “tick” validation as a user moves from one field to another (if possible), …

We are looking at launching multiple sites in different verticals so keen to find a long term partner on Unbounce work.

Please reply if interested and I’ll send my details!



Hi Rob I can help, but this is actually someone else’s thread so send your details over to the email listed on this page:


Hi Rob - welcome to the Community!

Great idea coming here to find an Unbounce Pro - you definitely came to the right place. I would probably submit this as a new Question/Problem to get much more visibility on it, I’m sure there are a number of Unbounce experts who could help you out! 
Check out our Getting Started guide here:


Chris - that is some clean HTML code on your website - what are you using there or is it all custom?


I am Unbounce landing page pro developer -