Nav Bar / Mobile Hamburger Icon Menu


You should have a nav bar feature that easily translates to mobile by condensing it into a hamburger icon!




I could definitely see how this would be useful, Zann + AJ. Just a heads up, the reason we don’t include navigation bars built-in to the app is because they’re generally not a great experience for dedicated landing pages.

However, they _can _be useful on long-tail pages such as our CTA Conf page. If you check it out on mobile, we’ve implementing a custom-coded hamburger icon menu. 

Would a tutorial on how to get this set up be worthwhile to post in the Community?


YES and YES!!


Hey all, for those interested I’ve posted an easy workaround for creating your own mobile hamburger menu on Unbounce pages. Have a look at the link below and let me know what you think!…


hopefully they will consider adding this as a widget


you guys need to break out of the box of seeing your product only for landing pages - this can be used for SINGLE PURPOSE PAGES like with all the content on one page but navigational “chunks” within one large page.  PERFECT for mobile first web design…


I love love love unbounce! I wish they would implement this as a core functionality.