Native CallRail integration and Salesforce webhook


I turned on the native CallRail and Unbounce integration announced last week - I’m seeing the calls show up in my Unbounce conversions list (yay!), but I also have a Zapier webhook set-up to send new leads from Unbounce to Salesforce. The calls are showing up as a conversion, so the hook is firing, but it’s failing as it’s missing information that Salesforce needs to create the lead record.

Is anyone else experiencing this problem? Any idea how we can adjust the webhook to only pick up form entries vs. all conversions?


Hi Richard, I’m guessing the problem here is that Salesforce is looking for an email address in order to create a new lead record (or some other data that’s not available from the conversion data within Unbounce for calls/texts).

Perhaps you could investigate that possibility and post back here?

We’re going to be working on improving the CallRail integration and might consider passing over more conversion fields so it would be helpful to know if one, in particular, might solve this for you. Alternatively, you could use the native Salesforce CRM integration within CallRail to take care of this. We just did a major upgrade of this integration, btw.