Naming Conventions


At this point I have quite a few landing pages and am looking to organize with an effective naming convention strategy - does anyone have one that they would be willing to share? Like how do you name your pages to keep them organized?


Hi @Adam_Lundquist,

Here is an example of a naming convention I used in the past that was very helpful. This naming convention will allow you to use Excel and be able to filter your campaigns.


Here is an example: 2018_02_02_ClientABC_MothersDay_GoogleSearch.

Again. This is helpful is you ever need to download your list of landing pages and place it in Excel to run audits. You will be able to filter by year, date, client, and even source medium. Hope this was helpful.


Here’s what we typically use:

For the PAGE, we use this format:

PAGE TYPE: Brand - Campaign Name - Traffic Source

So an example would be:

LEAD: Acme Clothing - Spring Collection 30% Off - FB

And for the VARIANTS, we always start them with the initials of whoever last edited the page, and the date, and what they did, like this:

NS: 04/26/2018 - Updated hero image

And we use the groups feature to further organize by client or brand.