I am trying to integrate the java script from into my page. It works fine but the only thing I need to change is the positioning. I want the form to be after the copy but after I select “'After Body Tag” the form still shows at the top of the page. advised that they don’t know why this is happening. Has anyone has expereince with mysiteauditor or with placing a java script form in different parts of the page? I would love any suggestions. Thank you


Hi Karan - if it’s a script like this that embeds an actual visual object on your page and doesn’t specify a placement, you’ll want to use a custom HTML element, instead of the Javascripts panel.

With the Javascripts panel, if you choose “after body tag” it runs directly after the opening body tag. If you use a custom HTML element, you’ll be able to drag it around the page to where you need it.

When you have the Unbounce Page Builder open, you’ll see the custom HTML widget along the left (it’s the one with the <> angled brackets). Just drag that onto your page, paste in your script, and then resize/move the element as necessary.


Hi Quinn,

Thanks for your quick response.I tried the html way but I don’t get the form. I have attached a screenshot of the difference between what the page looks like with HTML and Java. Is there something I’m missing or something else I can try. I appreciate your help.


Hi Karan - Usually, if a script needs to run after the opening body tag, placement doesn’t matter too much, so I’m not sure why this isn’t looking.

I took a look at your actual pages though and there is a bit of unconventional formatting in the mysiteauditor script. Generally, you don’t include </code> tags inside other script tags.<br /><br />Does mysiteauditor provide any documentation at all that we could take a look at?


There is documentation, videos and more on how to use our SEO report generator or our white-label SEO audit tool.


Thanks for including this, Marvin. 


No problem :slight_smile: