My PDF fonts are changing upon upload


i have built a form with a download button that links to a PDF uploaded in Unbounce. When you open the PDF after filling out the form, the fonts are becoming garbled. It seems to remove my assigned font - Avenir, replace it with Arial which throws off the spacing, then there are random lines of gibberish (see image)

attached are images of each - correct is the way it should look; wrong is the way it’s downloading thru unbounce.


Hi Jared - would you be able to send us your page information to That way we can investigate into this from our end and test it out to see what might be happening with the downloaded pdf.


Hey Jared - Just following up on this post as we didn’t seem to get a support ticket from you on the issue. I also double checked your page’s PDF and the fonts look great on my end.

I’ll go ahead and close off this thread but if you’re still experiencing an issue, just let us know.


apologies for the delayed response. We were able to correct the issue in the PDF settings.