My page load times are extremely slow. How can I optimize them?


I’ve optimized the images I’ve uploaded, the best I could. What else can I do?


Would love to know this as well!


Perhaps you will need a best bandwidth in your hosting account or a non shared plan.


Ryan - when you say ‘slow’, are you referring to some pagespeed metrics?

Or, are you referring to your experience watching the page load slowly in your browser?


Hi folks,

As Corey asked, I’d really like to find out a bit more about how you’re observing these slow page load times.

Our developers have put a lot of work into our page server infrastructure to ensure that page load times are lightning-fast. For one thing, we serve pages from four geographical locations around the world and use latency-based routing to pick between them.

If you’re referring to Google PageSpeed Insights, my colleague Johnny wrote a great reply outlining the limitations of this, here:…

I’ll also invite anyone with specific concerns to send the landing page’s URL to, along with a bit of information about the load times you’re experiencing. We’ll be happy to take a look and help however we can.


Hi All,

I’m gauging the slowness on my experience loading the page. I’ve used different devices from different locations, all experiencing slow load times with the page.

I’ll email the landing page to