My page id leaking


Somehow someone got my Unbounce Page-id.
What would happen if someone else gets my page id?
Would be they able to create mailchimp/… stuff?
Could anyone please let me know what is the thread?


Hey @Rebell_tryan,

What do you mean by “somehow someone got my Unbounce Pade-id”?

The page ID is pretty meaningless unless you have access to the account that created the page in the first place. It’s just random numbers and letters.

Also not sure what you mean by “able to create MailChimp/… stuff”? Again, you can’t connect a random Unbounce page to a MailChimp list just because you’ve seen a page.

Unless you mean something else, I don’t see a reason to worry.

Now, if someone has unauthorized access to your actual Unbounce account, I would suggest changing your passwords, using a password manager and turning on 2FA.