My opt in form does not show on the mobile page, only the desktop


When I sign up for my opt in form on my unbounce landing page it works fine on desktop but when I go to use it on my mobile, the name, email and submit form does not show. It is no where to be found. People who are trying to opt in using a mobile device will see words but no form to opt in. How can I fix this?


Hi Justin,

Sorry to hear your page is not behaving as it should.

It’s a bit hard to pinpoint the problem on your page without seeing it but here are a few thoughts:

  • Have you adjusted the placement of your form/elements in the mobile page editor?
  • Hiding the form by accident?
  • Placing the form on a background that makes it hard to distinguish it from the rest of the page?
  • Any custom scripts/CSS that might be interfering with the form?
    If you could share your page that would help a lot or you can file a support ticket with the guys at Unbounce.