My mobile version is not fitting in the real world


Because I need to link to the same lightbox (with form in) from two pages on my page I have created a separate page that is simply a form and link to this from two buttons on my page. This works fine except for one thing. The mobile version of the created form doesn’t get displayed properly. If I view just the form (so not linked via the page simply type in the url of the form only) it displays perfectly. However when it opens in a lightbox it doesn’t.

So I thought I should check what size lightbox I am trying to open from the buttons. On desktop this is showing as 530px. When I swap to mobile it is showing 320px (which is the standard mobile width) but it is greyed out.

So. Should I be able to habe it open in a good width on desktop and resize automatically to mobile, or should I simply make the lightbox mobile width on both desktop and mobile. It’s just a contact form after all?


update. Seems that when you do what I have done, your browser will only pull the desktop form and confirmation page. So to get it to work you will have to make your form and confirmation box fit to mobile, and then make your call of the lighbox also ask for a mobile sized box from the main page.

Hope that makes any sense at all!


Are you using Unbounce forms or a third party form?


Unbouce forms. I have now had a reply from unbounce and it appears we can call the same lightbox from more than one button so we no longer need to do any of the work around I had managed to come up with!