My lightbox just brings up a 404 page


I set up a lightbox on my landing page and added a form to it. Nothing very technical. But when I test it out after publishing it, the lightbox just shows our 404 page.
I’m using our Wordpress integration, does that cause any issues?

Here’s a test page that has the issue:


Hi @Scott_Bowen,

Did you try unpublishing and then republishing the page?
It appears to be some weird issue with your particular WP installation.

Also, make sure your Unbounce WP plug-in is up to date.

You should reach out to the awesome folks at Unbounce Support directly 1.888.515.9161 or


What are the exact settings you’re using for the lightbox? Are you trying to call another URL within it or just embed an Unbounce form in it?


I have it set to “Show a Lightbox” and the one and only lightbox is selected, containing some text and a form. I’m not pointing to any URL.


@Scott_Bowen this definitely sounds like something that Support can help you out with, as much as I’d like to pretend to be an expert, I am not. This situation has been known to happen with Wordpress integrations, and if that’s the case then Support has a ton of knowledge about it and will absolutely sort you out! Let us know how it goes! :blush:


Thanks everybody! It looks like it is something to do with the Wordpress integration-- The lightbox works when I change the URL to our subdomain.
I’m working with Unbounce support now-- We’ll get it figured out!