My javascript countdown timer is getting cut off at the top



I’m having a problem I’ve been trying to figure out the last two days but to no avail so far, I’m hoping you can help me solve it. I’ve made a javascript countdown timer for one of my unbounce landing pages, but when I edit the HTML of the font, the top of the countdown timer gets cut off. Here’s a sample landing page I’ve made to highlight the issue:…

I’ve put the code into a few different javascript test websites, and none of them are able to duplicate the issue, so I’m assuming it has something to do specifically with the unbounce custom html option. I can post the javascript/html I have for it if you need it.

Thanks so much.


Solved it perfectly - thanks a ton Mark!


Roger, can you share your javascript code with us, please?
I am looking for a good countdown example and I like yours.


Hi Roger,

I’m not exactly sure why your text is being cut off at the top, but you should be able to fix this easily enough using CSS.

Try adding a style="margin-top: 20px;" attribute to the H1 element in your code.

Incidentally, it’d be best to remove the HTML and body tags as the page will already have those.

I hope that helps!