My functionality works in Preview but not on Published page


I am linking to a Gumroad payment page from my Unbounce page using an Unbounce button. I would like Gumroad’s ‘overlay’ functionality (basically a lightbox), so I have included the Javascript on my Unbounce page. The overlay functionality works exactly right when I preview the Unbounce page, but when I try on the live page (after I republish the page) the link takes me to a new page rather than bring up the overlay. Could someone please advise on what to do if something works correctly in Preview but not on the live page?


Hey Scott - sounds like there must be some kind of conflict with the published version. Can you send us a link the page in question? It’s tough to troubleshoot third party code but I maybe be able to see what’s up.


Hey Ryan,

I’ve got the same problem as Scott and would like to know:

  1. Was he/you able to resolve it?
  2. If so, how? :slight_smile:
  3. If not, may I send you my page for you to have a look?

Hope to hear from you!



Hi Scott,

Were you able to fix this issue?



Hey Marc,

The widget works in preview because the Unbounce app (including preview) is hosted securely and delivered over HTTPS. Gumroad *requires* a secure connection for their widget.

Unfortunately, since published pages are delivered over HTTP, the Gumroad widget won’t work on published pages.

I’m sorry I can’t be of more help here. Our platform team is working on a few big changes which you can read about here. You’ll notice that SSL is in that list which, once implemented, would all Gumroad to work as expected.