My Freelance Business Idea


Hi All

New user here, o first post on this forum, not sure if this is the right place for it but here goes.
I just wanted to share my freelance business idea with the community to get some feedback on it and see if you guys/girls think there is any mileage in it.

It basically revolves around taking what i love doing designing and putting that into a service that would be of value to startups and small businesses which is that i can offer to design their landing page for them to help them promote their own products and services in the best light possible and in turn generate their own leads and sign ups for their own customers. A name I came up with for this service which i really like would be called “Pitch&Promote”

What are everyones thoughts on that?


I love it! I freelance for SMBs, start-ups and entrepreneur and basically do this (although don’t have a snazzy name like you!). I think it’s definitely got legs and is a growing niche market too. :slight_smile:


Hi @Zoe_Tattersall

Thanks for your positive feedback, gives me some much needed confidence to push forward with it.

Cool to hear that you also serve the same type of clients, I’m only in the early stages of working out what content sections i will need to include but pretty soon i will be needing to work out my actual copy for the page things like main value proposition headline, and benefits of the service etc, I’m just not sure how to write out the copy in a way that appeals to the desires of these types of businesses, how do you go about expressing that? I also don’t want to sound like i’m acting as an affiliate for the Unbounce page builder if you know what I mean. :slight_smile:


Well I think the thing with startups and SMBs is that they need quick solutions for less cost – not to say you have to charge below your worth, but I spin it in a way that I’m only charging for the essentials that they need and actually getting stuff live e.g. you won’t catch me designing the website page in Sketch/Photoshop for the client to approve before I build it! Try and think about yourself starting your own business – you only want to pay for the essentials and what is going to get you online and in business fast.


Not quite sure what you meant by this, surly they would want to see your design to approve before you rush into the process of building it where you could end up going down the wrong path because you have not run your design past the client first before moving onto the next stage - that way they feel they are contributing along the way right?


Designing/building the page in Unbounce is faster and easier – so they review as I go. I run all my ideas past them initially so they have an idea of what they are getting. I’ve never had any issues to date working this way. :slight_smile:

If they are concerned, then I’m more than happy to draft designs first, but most are more than happy to save the $$$ and trust me.


Ah I get where you coming from now. it’s much like the designing in the browser web design philosophy which I am big fan off, but like you i can take the Sketch/Photoshop route then code if called upon.

So despite these tools like Unbounce and many other types of WYSIWYG builders making it easier and faster to design websites why do they still get a bad rep do you think?


I haven’t come across the bad rep actually, so not really sure!


Have you not, Yes I have, going on some of the posts I have seen in forums about the weather to hand code website vs using a tool builder like UnBounce, always seems to create mixed opinions.

Anyway thanks for all your help and feedback you have provided on this post.