My first page - Adwords 2/10 Quality Score - HELP!


I am a new marketer, with my first landing page. I launched with Google Adwords for about a week and it’s not going well. First, my Quality Score is 2/10 on some keywords and not even showing. The reasons are:

Expected clickthrough rate: Below average
Ad relevance: Average
Landing page experience: Below average

Why is my Landing page experience below average? I used the Movo template, but removed the video, could that be why? Also, my bounce rate is terrible. Almost everyone bounces immediately.

I am using Google Adwords, with a conversion goal of filling out a form.

Any insights, recommendations, or tools to use about be AMAZINGLY helpful!!


Oh no! I would love to help. Unbounce pages has tremendously helped in increasing our quality score, so there is no reason why it shouldn’t work for you!

I would love to start off by understand how you built your AdWords campaigns.

Are you using broad match, phrase match, exact match or a mixture of each?

Is your landing page using dynamic keyword replacement?

Feel free to direct message me screenshots if you prefer :slight_smile: