My Client Cannot Activate Viewer's Account


I sent an invitation to my client email address to for him to be able to view the campaign data. Unfortunately, he has not been able to activate the the invitation because when he clicked on the activation link, he was taken to a page where he was asked to create an unbounce account to start creating landing pages!

He is not interested in creating landing pages (that was why we were engaged in the first place), he only wants to view the campaign we have created.

Please how can we resolve this?




Hey Willy - Sorry for the confusion! He still needs to create an account with Unbounce to gain access to your account.

While it does say ‘start creating landing pages’, he doesn’t need to sign up for one of our subscriptions. He should be given the option to sign up for a ‘free’ account instead.

Do let us know if he has any issues registering a free account!