My Champion is gone


I just logged into Unbounce to find that:

* The Champion variant was gone
* It was replaced by an old champion that was discarded a few weeks ago
* The chart at the bottom indicated the the correct champion was still running even though it didn’t appear in the list.
*When I visited the url the correct variant seemed to be running.


Hello Jason - many thanks for letting us know about this - very sorry about any frustration caused.

We hit a speed-bump with one of our deploys today and it has been causing some issues (including the problem you mention here and the issue with promoting a variant that you have also posted.)

We are investigating right now and will let you know what we find.



Hi Jason, huge apologies for the confusion and frustration. Our most recent deploy introduced a bug where the champion variant was not properly displayed as such. Published pages continued to be served correctly with your chosen weighting, this only affected what our application displayed as your champion in the dashboard.

Thanks for letting us know about the problem, and again, please accept our apologies.