My big list of feedback for Unbounce

I’ve been using Unbounce for some time now and I love it, but there’s a lot of things I’ve picked up on that could make the platform even better than it is.

  1. Sometimes when you click on things, they’ll move slightly. This shouldn’t happen.

  2. Some of my text boxes automatically revert to Arial. For example, say I’ve got a text box “This is
    some text” and the font is Montserrat. If I click on the text box so add in some text, the added in text is Arial, not Montserrat. Doesn’t happen all the time, but it’s still a weird bug.

  3. SVGs display different sizes depending on where they are displayed. If you upload an SVG, put it on the page somewhere & move it around, you’ll notice that the size changes slightly.

  4. Reporting is terrible. You should be able to select a date range you want to view data for. So I can see all visits/conversions/conversion rate between a certain date I select.

  5. There should be more sorting options for landing pages. Such as sort by number of visits, number of conversions, conversion rate. Also being able to filter, “show me all pages that have conversion rates less than x%”

  6. You should be able to see overall visits, conversions and conversion rate for all pages combined.

  7. There should be more clarity around the Confidence Level that is provided when running tests. This is extremely misleading, particularly for new testers. If I’m brand new to testing, and I see my variant is performing better than my control at 95% confidence, I’m going to think “wow!” but in reality, the page only has 30 visits so obviously isn’t significant. That might not be something you’d know as a new tester. Simply adding in a little tool tip “Please note, you should have sufficient sample size before you pay attention to this confidence number. To calculate sample size, visit this link” would help a lot.

  8. You should be able to add CSS to the root, same way as you can with JS.

  9. You should be able to edit the meta data of an element. I get that you probably have #lp-pom-button because of some CSS/JS you apply to it, but let us add in some stuff to the end of it so we can identify things ourself for our own CSS/JS. For example, if we wanted to apply some CSS/JS to all of our CTA buttons (say shadow for example), we could change the ID to #lp-pom-button-cta.

  10. Have the ability to edit the text styles. You know when you click on a text box, then you can change it from ‘heading 1’ to ‘heading 2’ etc. Let us edit those styles. So we could make ‘heading 1’ be Open Sans, 30px font size, 40px line height, black color for example.

  11. Let us have custom line height

  12. let us make landing pages responsive. its awesome we can design desktop and mobile seperately. but it’d be insane if we could design for multiple desktop resolutions, or even multiple mobile resolutions.

  13. add in ‘send to back’ / ‘send to front’ buttons. its super annoying having to spam ‘send backwards’ / ‘send forwards’ buttons

  14. let us shift click goals. so if we have heaps of them on page, we dont have to manually click all of them, we can simply click the top one, then shift click the bottom one to select all. or even better, just have a ‘select all’ option.

  15. give the option to drag around images that are set as background. we have that little position selector we can use, but being able to drag it would be 1000x better.

  16. add the option to make boxes clickable. atm, the workaround is add in an invisible button over top of it, why not just let us make the box clickable?

  17. show individual CR for each goal on a page. for example, i could have two goals, one being an email form filled out, one being someone clicking on my call buttons. i should be able to see that x% of people emailed me, and x% of people phoned me. I can do this via Google Tag Manager, but you could make everyones life easier by allowing that option in Unbounce.

This platform is already the best on the market in my opinion. If these above changes were implemented, you’d be ahead of the rest by a million miles.

All legitimate, frustrating feedback! Hope this gets fixed. Fast.

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Liam, you’ve got my vote - for all of the above!
Having come from Instapage, some of the minor (well, presumably minor) differences drive me nuts: those boxes moving by a nudge if you click somewhere; trying to remember which actions on the mobile view will/won’t affect the desktop view; not being able to see stats by date range (though I do appreciate being able to reset them thanks Unbounce :slight_smile:)…

Overall, yes - I’m happier here in Unbounce land, but there are many bits that I find frustrating - and you’ve listed most of them up there, thanks Liam!

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I could not agree with this (and with ALL of your feedback above) any more. This is so spot on.

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Really good feedback, Liam! I can totally relate to a lot of this.

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Ooooh, I like #17

Things don’t move slightly when I click on things though… weird.

Good feedback!

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Hi @liamemery

Thanks so much for taking the time to write this! Great to hear you’re an Unbounce fan and to gain your insight on how we could make your experience even better.

I think some of the items here may actually be bugs (e.g #1-3), so we’ll take that back to our Support and Development teams to make sure they’re aware of those issues and can handle them accordingly.

What is pretty cool to read here though, is that many of the items you mention are ideas we are thinking about as well. We’ve heard from a lot of marketers that understanding what converts well and knowing what to do about it, is a common struggle. We feel that with our 10 years of experience this is something we can help with. That’s why we are investing in product updates that will help marketers learn more about how their content is converting today, and how they can take action to make it convert even better tomorrow. What those future updates look like could be things like more insights into your page performance, more granularity into your conversion goals and who is visiting your page, and improvements to our Content Builder to allow you to more easily and quickly build high converting landing pages, popups and Sticky Bars.

While everything you’ve mentioned here sounds valuable, we’d love to gain more understanding about what are the things that would really be game-changers for you - if you were to pick your top 5, what would those be? Why would those 5 things be super valuable to you?

Thanks again for your feedback and looking forward to keeping the conversation going!



Hi Jordana, that’s awesome to hear that a lot of these are already on your radar!

My top 5 would be.

  1. Better reporting. I think this would very beneficial having a more comprehensive reporting system. Being able to select date ranges, sort by conversions/visits/CR, filter (as an example, all landing pages that have conversion rates lower than x%). As well as the overall view of performance.

  2. Showing CR for individual goals. So I can see that x% of people completed goal 1, and x% of people completed goal 2.

  3. Adding CSS to the root, but I would think for this to be able to work effectively, we would also need to be able to edit the meta data. So as an example, I could make certain buttons have the class “cta”. So that on every single page, I could make my CTA buttons have drop shadow. If I wanted to take that shadow away, then I can just edit the root CSS instead of having to go and update it on every page.

  4. Having the ability to edit text styles. So I can set h1, h2, h3, body etc. So maybe at the moment, my body text is all open sans 16px. I decide I want to change this is open sans 14px. As it is, I have to go through and manually change every text box on every page. If I could simply change the core body styling from 16px to 14px, that would be huge!

  5. Having the ability to design to multiple screen resolutions.

Thanks for getting back to me by the way!


Thanks for sharing! I’m the PM for the Builder, so I can’t address each of these entirely, but I have shared this thread with the other PM’s, so they can get back to you.

For the ones that are Builder related, I have a couple more questions:

  1. There are ways to add your own customer CSS, but it can be a bit tricky. I’d try reaching out to Support for help on whatever specifically you’re trying to do. I have heard of the request to set your own classnames on elements, so you can reference them easier using JS, but not CSS specifically. Could you elaborate on what you’re trying to accomplish across multiple pages?

  2. How often does this happen for you? Do you usually work with a set of styles for every page, or is it more on the fly?

  3. This is definitely a common request! What screen resolutions do you design for? What would you like to be able to do differently on those different resolutions?

Might be easier to chat in a call on these, so I’ll also DM you!

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Hi @liamemery, Rob here, I’m the PM for our Web Application team. I wanted to second Jordana and say thanks for reaching out with this detailed feedback, it’s super helpful for us and it’s great to have a chance to get in some follow up questions. Speaking of which…

Regarding number 1 (better reporting), this is also a request that comes up fairly often and is definitely on our radar! Better reporting on page performance, and a way to compare results, is something I can see solving a few different potential customer problems. Would you be able to elaborate a bit more on the specific problem(s) that better and more granular reporting in Unbounce will solve for you? It sounds like there is a need to be able to navigate within your Unbounce account more effectively (sort and filter pages). Is there another use case or problem that better reporting will help address for you?

Thanks again so much for this great feedback!!


Hi Rob, thanks for getting back to me!

Sure, I can share a few examples of where better reporting would be huge here.

One of the sites I’m working with right now is an affiliate site, we review x amount of brands and rank them. So for example, you might search “best pillows” and our site would show you the 10 best pillows you can buy.

Overall, I can see our CR (in this case, a person clicking on our affiliate links), is say 40% overall. But what I can’t see is how many people clicked on brand 1, how many people clicked on brand 2 etc. I’m able to set this up via Google Tag Manager and building some custom reports in Google Data Studio using blended data sources and the likes. But it would’ve been a million times easier had I been able to view this data directly in Unbounce. So I could click onto a page overview, and see that goal 1 (a click on brand 1) has a CR of 20%, goal 2 is 10% and so on.

Another good example would be for an LP that has 2 goals. 1 is trying to get people to call you for a consultation, the other is getting them to fill out a contact form. Instead of just seeing your CR overall is 30%, you should be able to see that x% of people called you, x% of people emailed you. Having this data may reveal to you that 95% of the conversions you get are via phone calls, and barely anyone emails you. This would be a good indicator to push calls more instead of emails.

Being able to sort and filter page more effectively will also help the decision making process. Going back to the affiliate website I’m working with, we have almost 200 LPs at the moment, that’s soon to be 350+. A great use case for better reporting would be being able to look at our overall CR, say for example this is 30%. Now I can filter the LPs so I’m shown all LPs that have a CR below 30%. What are we doing on these pages that is causing them to convert below our average?

Or we could go the other way, show me all LPs that have CR higher than 30%, what are we doing on these LPs that’s making them convert so well?

The way we run our tests with the affiliate site is we test on our highest traffic pages, and then if its a winner, we implement across all our lower volume pages (all pages are essentially the same). So if we could see overall CR is 30%, we implement a winning test across all of our lower volume pages that can’t be tested, now we can see our overall CR has gone up to 35%, this would also be really helpful.


that’s a nice list ! i wanted to do one but didn’t find the time.

i’ve recently created a mini website on Wix to be a companion of Unbounce LPs for one of my client.
The Wix editor is not far from the one in Unbounce. It’s maybe not as powerful but i think you should definitely get inspired by what Wix does to save our time on some actions (like saving the recent colors you used).

Unbounce right now is great, but for me the major upgrade needed is around the form (so much to improve there without using the scripts : multistep, visuals, option for value when using API/integrations, etc).

Thanks for this additional context @liamemery!! This is extremely useful and very very appreciated :slight_smile: I’m happy to say that we are currently doing research into some of these requests and how we can go about providing them and what that would look like for our customers. This type of feedback is super helpful for us so keep it coming!!