Multiple: Using Keyword Insertion & Dynamic Text Replacement


Is it possible to have more than 1 parameters.

Example copy …. “Hey looking for {Dynamic Text 1: Indian, Italian, Spanish} restaurants in {Dynamic Text 2: New York, Washington, Chicago}

For this example the dynamic text 1 will be from googles Adwords insertion tool and the dynamic text 2 will be a pre-specific URL for that particular ad.

For e.g.

now how do I add the google ads keyword insertion


Full URL would be… [WHAT GOES HERE] ?cuisine={KeyWord:Indian}

I really hope someone understands the above :slight_smile:


Hi @247Leads,

In order to list out multiple variables in the URL the format should be as follows:


Only the first URL variable gets a questions mark “?” before it. All others are listed with an ampersand “&”.