Multiple URLs Per Page


Is it possible to have several URLs corresponding to one landing page? I only see where I can have one URL. Do I have to create several pages with different URLs to achieve this? Thanks!


Hi @Laurie! If you can give a bit more details perhaps I can provide you with specific solutions. Generally speaking however you can do 1 of these 2 things:

  1. Create URL redirects that all point to the same page, which is accomplished via your hosting provider;

  2. If tracking each URL’s conversion rate (and analytics) is important to you, the simple thing is to create duplicates of your page and assign a URL to each.

Hope this helped!



Great, thanks Jonathan. Totally makes sense! Have a great day!


Glad it was helpful :slight_smile: Have a great day!


Hi Jonathan,

Sorry to bother you again…I’m creating duplicates of my first landing page as I’d like to direct several different URLs to the same landing page.

Here’s my situation: I have redirected an old Wordpress website to a new Wordpress website that is currently being built. My new website points to my first landing page. So essentially, both the old and new website point to my first landing page and it works perfectly. The reason I am redirecting from the old website is because I still get lots of Pinterest traffic from it.

Here is my challenge: If my pinterest pin has this URL, for example -, it is redirected this new URL, for example - So, I’ve changed the URL on my new, duplicate landing page to this new URL. However, the landing page doesn’t show up. What appears is a 404 message from the new website that’s being created.

Hope this makes sense. I’m obviously missing something but can’t figure it out. Do you have any insight? Thanks so much.


Hi @Laurie,

Have you set the 301 redirect of your old URL to the new URL. Also, is the new URL active/live?

Also, how are you hosting your Unbounce landing pages? Is it through a CNAME or through the Wordpress plugin? You would need to do one of these two things for your new URLs/landing pages to work.

In other words, are you simply “creating” your URLs in Unbounce without creating a CNAME record in your hosting or without using the Wordpress plugin? If so, this is probably why it’s not working.

If you want to send me some live links, I can take a closer look.

Hope this helps!


Hi Jonathan,

WP Engine (both my websites are hosted there) redirected my old URL to the new URL yesterday. I just live chatted with them today and they altered the redirect from yesterday so that all the pages on my old website are now redirected to just the home page URL of the new site; so now it works with just the one landing page which is fine for now.

I really appreciate your willingness to assist me. Thank you, thank you!

Have a great weekend!


It’s a pleasure have a great weekend!