Multiple Unbounce Landing Pages on SquareSpace Site


I have 3 or 4 landing pages which were built with Unbounce, and my site is hosted on SquareSpace. I need to ensure two things:

  1. The landing pages share my custom SquareSpace domain

  2. Google knows that the landing pages are a part of the custom domain.

Any help would be most appreciated!


Is your domain managed through Squarespace, or somewhere else?

And typically, you’d set up your Unbounce pages on a specific subdomain of that domain.


Thanks for the quick reply, Nicholas!

My domain is through Hover.


Hi Robbie,

So typically, if your domain DNS is managed at Hover, you’d just set up a dedicated subdomain for your Unbounce pages.

The steps for that can be found here:

As for your question about Google knowing that your domains are connected, this article might help:

I hope I understood what you’re asking! If not, let us know. :slight_smile:


Problem solved!

I trying to use the subdomain “home.” And while the CNAME was showing as active, I continued to get an invalid URL error.

When I switched the subdomain to anything other than “home” everything worked perfectly.

Thanks, Nicholas!


Ah, so glad to hear you got it solved! And thanks for sharing the specific solution, so that others might find it if they encounter something similar.

Best of luck with your Unbounce pages!