Multiple submit buttons with the same form


Hi all!

I have single form on my unbounce page, but would like to send a user to new 2nd landing page dependant on their needs. 

The form field are “name” and “email” and the next destination page options would be “get a new widget” or “improve my current widget”

Each of those next pages would host information that would be relevant to either getting a new widget or replacing their current widget with a better one. 

I’m looking for a solution where one form has two submit buttons that would each direct a user to a different more relevant page, while still capturing the lead information via the form. 

Does anyone know if Unbounce has a native way of handling this, or one via Javascript?

I’ve looked at 3rd party integrations, and/or having a dropdown field that would allow the use to select “new widget” or “improve widget” then change the destination page via Javascript, but neither are ideal. 


Hi Iona, 

Currently, Unbounce only adds one button/CTA to a form. Simply because having 2 CTAs tied to the same form would create a lot of friction and confusion in your potential visitors. 

You might be able to accomplish what you are after with some JavaScript but I would caution against it. 

Instead, you have a few alternatives:

  • Use a radio buttons/drop down to qualify your visitors based on their needs for a new or improved widget. I know you’ve mentioned that this is not the optimal solution for you but still might be worth an A/B test. 

  • Place the 2 CTAs on your main landing page. Once a visitor clicks on one of them, load up a lightbox that asks for their information (name, email). Each of the 2 CTAs will be tagged with a source parameter that would get filled into a hidden field on your form. 

Once the form is submitted, you can redirect to the desired landing page based on the content in that hidden field. 

Here is a quick example of the whole thing. 

Here is how your lead sheet would look like (Notice the source column).

Let us know what you’ve decided to implement.