Multiple pages, each with their own integration and 2 lines of custom text, but only edit one page for large changes?


We normally have 60+ affiliate landing pages, which are right now built into WordPress and each get their own custom URL, load data dynamically from the WP backend, and each has its own Infusionsoft form. We’re considering moving over to Unbounce but need to be able to recreate this.

Each landing page is 99% the same, the only differences being 2 lines of text, and the Infusionsoft form. So we’d need to have 1 master template that all the other pages are built off of, when we make a new page we can change those 2 lines of code inside of this new page, and then each new page has their own Infusionsoft integration. If we need to make a change to the master template, say the footer text needs to change, it would update all the new pages attached to it.

Is this do-able, or should we just stick to wordpress? Thanks