Multiple pages and forms for sales funnel



Bounce landing page: there will be a form which asks visitor for their name, email, phone number PLUS shows a dropdown selection. Typical dropdown selection would be:

  1. Please issue me a form regarding such-and-such
  2. Please issue me a form regarding this-and-that
  3. I would like a general enquiry form.

Each of these is an offer to show a more detailed form to the user so they can have their enquiry tailored to them.

Assume that the user has filled in their name, email, phone and dropdown selection. They press submit.

At this point Unbounce records a conversion, which is good for me.

What I Would Like at This Point

For the user to be sent to a second selected page, i.e. the choice they made in the dropdown above. The second page will have the second tailored form within it. (of course there are 3 variants in the dropdown, so 3 pages, 3 forms (each of which could be further tested through unbounce for conversions per page!).

At this second page, the user will see the form which will have their details carried forward from the first page form (name email phone, and of course the title of the second form). If the user fills out this tailored form then unbounce will record another conversion.

This way I can really start to engineer my fales funnel.

I would be happy to have these conversions recorded in separate csv files, (perhaps if you can add an identifyer, such as a cookie number, to all the conversion csv’s so that I can match these between them. I could then analyse through excel quite rapidly.)

Any suggestions how this could be achieved (especially carrying forward the contact details part).

Many thanks, David


Hi David

This really points to three things I guess:

1 - The ability to carry forward data to subsequent pages/modals
2 - The ability to have more than one conversion goal for a page
3 - The ability to associate links with items in a pulldown (or similar)

Have I missed anything here?

I can tell you that item 2 is definitely on the radar. This would enable you to have three click-through options on your first page and record any selection as a conversion, before linking the visitor to a subsequent page that could have a form specific to their need (I realize this isn’t exactly what you are hoping to do.)

You are the first user to suggest items 1 and 3 (“First!”) and they have sparked some debate in the office. The ability to carry forward data from one page to another could certainly have a variety of cool uses. I can’t tell you its on the roadmap just yet, but thanks to your comment its racing up the charts!

For now, the closest we can get to what you need is to have an initial landing page with three ordinary click throughs that lead to three separate form pages that record your conversions, with, unfortunately no conversion recorded for your first page.

You have suggested a great use-case though. If/when I have any further news on this. or if we come-up with any other work-arounds, I will let you know.



Our sales are pretty high-dollar conversions, so people tend to want to do some research before giving us any way to contact them. Currently I believe they are abandoning our landing pages to Google our company, do their research, and find a location in their area. I know this because we have seen an uptick in business through the website though not through Unbounce.

Of course I want to measure this, but because they’re taking themselves out of my funnel I can’t.

What I’d really like to do is to give them the option of leaving the form page and going to a series of pages that give them more information about our company. They would be able to abandon that process at any time to return to the form page to fill it out.

This type of functionality would really help me measure how well we’re doing.


Hey James - thanks for the comment.

You can create as many pages as you want in Unbounce and link between them as you would with any other web page.

Is there some reason why this solution wouldn’t work for you?

Alternately you could always link out from your form to a page on your site and then link back to the same or a new Unbounce page (although obviously you run the risk of your customers never linking back.)


… if external tracking is what you are looking for (the ability to track conversions on third party pages,) you can always do that using our external tracking script.

There’s a great article about it in Unbounce Answers here:…